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The mucosal lining of the bladder in females and to a lesser degree in males has defects that allow the irritants in the diet to go into the "interstitium" of the bladder wall. This in turn causes irritation which results in a pressure to  void,  frequency, urgency, getting up at night, burning to void, and pelvic pain. The result of these symptoms can dramatically affect a patients quality of life. It is very important to have a urologist in tune with IC.

  • Symptoms similar to OAB
  • Symptoms are usually more severe and chronic in nature
  • One cause is the lack of a protective layer of the bladder lining
  • Certain foods in one's diet can make symptoms worse
  • Elmiron replenses the protective layer
  • The same medicines used for OAB are often used for IC

The American Urological Association's Guidelines Regarding IC

The American Urological Association's Algorithm On IC

ICA Newsletter

"If a disease has many treatment options then there is not one good one." The following show the diversity of treatment options for the sometimes debilitating voiding symptoms of IC in the female. This also shows why it is so important that the  IC patient and the urologist have a mutually respectful relationship and a willingness to try different therapeutic treatment regimens.

  • Anticholinergics-Like Enablex, Detrol, Vesicare or Toviaz
  • Anti-histamines (IC bladders have more histamine cells
  • Anti-depressants-Like Elavil ofen help
  • Hormone replacement therapy to vaginal tissues
  • Suppressive low dose antibiotics
  • Elmiron-Helps correct the bladder lining defects
  • Intra-bladder solutions such as DMSO/Heparin/Steroids
  • Hydrodistention of the bladder
  • Urethral dilation
  • Bladder analgesics-Pyridium/Azostandard
  • Urine De-acidifiers-Prelief
  • The Medtronic InterStim Neurostimulator Implant
  • Pain management referral for intractable pain syndrome
  • Physical therapy referral for pelvic floor/muscle disorders
  • Any combination of the above (See AUA Alogorithm Above)

ICAdvice Website and Resources

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