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PTNS-Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulator-Urgent PC Website

Urgent PC YouTube Informative Video-How PTNS Works

Christie Woodruff and her nurse Anna work very closely with both the patient and the physcians of Northeast Georgia Urological Associates. They try to devise a treatment plan for female incontinence using a balanced approach to diet modification, medications, hormone replacement, bulking agents, robotic sacrocolpopexy, obturator sling urethropexy, and neurostimulators (InterStim/Urgent PC). This assures that our patients receive state of the art methods to achieve dryness. We soon will be able to add Botox as a treatment option for our overactive bladder patients.

Medtronics InterStim-Website

Coaptite Bulking Agent for Female Incontinence-PDF Overview

Coaptite YouTube Video

Macroplastique Bulking Agent For Female Incontinence-Video